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Senior Projects in Psychology

2015 - 2016

Name Title
Nelly Alba Mentorship Experiences & Goal Setting's Relation to College Students' Academic Success
Lindsay Arader Peer Perceptions of Individuals with ASD: Reducing Stigmatization Through Diagnostic Disclosure
Rohan Arcot

Anxiety and the Transition to College:  Can Psychoeducation Help?

Kathrin Cieplicki The Role of the Undesired Collective Self for Marginalized
Julia Coash When It Isn’t Black and White: Self-affirmation and Perception of Racism
Erin Corson Psychological Theories of Persuasion in Anti-Smoking Campaigns
Jessi Crowley Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Athletic Participation: Does Level of Competition Matter?
Mayeline Fernandez The Effect of Art-Making on Mood in a College Sample
Rachael Feuerstein No Pain, No Gain: Testing Gender Stereotype Threat Effects on Pain Tolerance
Daphney Gaston Mathematical Achievement and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Analysis of Social, Cognitive, and Psychological Factors in Relation to Word Problem Solving Performance
Angela Gizzi How to Make Better Group Decisions through Accountability
Josh Glen Time-inconsistent Preferences: Examining the Relation of Self-control to Saving and Spending
Sarah Goldman

"There Is No them, There's Only Us": Regulating Empathy Through Cognitive Reappraisal

Jamie Granskie Overgeneral Memory in the Eating Disorder Population
Lauren Halliday The Effect of Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptomology and Sensory Sensitivity on Affect Recognition in Distracting versus Non-Distracting Conditions
Abigail Homer Benefitting from the Bandwagon: Using Social Conformity Pressure to Alter Implicit Racial Biases
Ashley Jamison An Exploratory Study on the Underrepresentation of Students of Color in Sciences at Hamilton College
Carolyn King Investigating ADHD Symptomatology, Emotion Regulation, and Depression in College Students
Mark Lopez A Review of the Relationship Between Idealized Body Images in Mainstream Media and Body Image Concerns
Nick Luchessi Rumination and Drinking Motives After Negative Drinking Experiences
Denise Meza Reyes  

Rural vs. Urban Differences: Perceptions of Environmentalists and Pro-Environmental Behavior

Denisse Mota Girl on Girl Crime: An Examination of Women’s Participation in Slut Shaming
Louise Owens Case Management: Opportunities and Obstacles
Michael Pellicane

Sexual Orientation and the Transition to College: The Moderating Role of Parental Attachment

Emily Queen Promoting Physical Activity With Online Social Interaction
Abigail Quirk How Race Affects Our Perception of Women: Exploring the Objectification of Black and White Bodies
Ryan Sutyla Supermarket Decision Making: The Effects of Justification, Self-Control Depletion, and Restrained Eating Behavior
Izzy Taaffe Redemption Sequences in Memories From the Transition to College
Lauren Trachtenberg The Effect of Social Interruptions on Task Performance
Kristen Tsutsui         Transition to College:  Examining Reciprocal Relationships Among Body Change and Adjustment
Abbie Webster A Review of Efficacious and Practical Applied Behavior Analysis Intervention Strategies for Treatment of Problem Behavior in   Individuals with Autism
Emily Weinstein The Effects of Task Expectations and Social Comparison on Academic Performance in Children