Senior Projects 2016-2017

Annie McArdle: The Influence of Children’s Pretend Play Identity on Persistence

Scott D. Becker: Framing Climate Change Messages with Positive and Negative Liberty

Devon Brown: Reducing Negative Behaviors in an Elementary Student: A Case Study

Becca Butler: Effect of Linguistically Cued Perspective-Taking on Empathy

Hazel Chan: Reducing Binge Drinking using Fear and Gain vs. Loss Framing Messages on Facebook

Jeremy Cottle: In- vs. Out-group Charitable Giving as a Function of Political Orientation

Finley Cruger: Effects of Role Play on Children’s Prosocial Behavior

Sarah Dimakis: Collaborative Inhibition in Autobiographical Memory

Emma H. Feitelson: Designing Recruitment Messages to Boost Volunteering in Hamilton Students

Peter Goldsmith:  The Effects of Race of Speaker and Argument Quality on Persuasion

Hayley Goodrich: Overcome with Awe: Meaning-maintenance in the Face of a Profound

 Aesthetic Experience

Bennett Hambrook: Leadership Development in College Athletics: A Proposed Study

Charlotte Healey:  Interventions for Selective Mutism in an Elementary Student: A Case Study

Benjamin Isenberg: Comorbid ADHD and Mood Dysregulation: Creating and Evaluating a School-based Intervention

Congcong (Cindy) Li: Emotions and False Memory: Moving Beyond Valence and Arousal

Nathalia Mahabir: Belongingness and Emotional Intelligence: An Examination of Reciprocal Relationships

Kelly Manhart: Early Predictors of Long-Term Relationship Success

Cole Mattran: Helping Students with ADHD Using Working Memory Training

Araseli Mendez: Source Monitoring as a Counter for the Misinformation Effect

Emily Morris: The Effect of Social Influence on Preschoolers’ Self-Control 

Brendon W. Nylen: Gender Differences in the Relationship between Serotonin and Alcohol-Related Aggression

Hannah O’Grady: Does Ego Threat Moderate the Relationship Between Defensive Self-Esteem and Risk-Taking?

Helen Park: Comparing Brief Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation on Attention and Anxiety

KaraLin Pintye-Everett: Look Again: Examining Responses to Facial Attractiveness Via Repetition and Social Influence

Leah Pranschke: The Effects of Primed Social Class Stigma on Self-Regulation, Self-Esteem, and Sense of Belonging

Elizabeth Prescott: Broad Autism Phenotype and Related Factors in College Students

Kaitlan Puglia: How Do People with Defensive Self-esteem Interpret Neutral Cues Following Ego Threat?

Emily Randrup: Implicit Learning in Children: An Investigation of Statistically Optimal Learning Through a Spatial Localization Task

Alex Regan:  College Athletes’ Susceptibility to Eating Disorders: A Review of the Literature

Meg E. Riley: Feminist Backlash as a Function of Moral and Status Quo Threats

Lillie Simourian: College Students’ Perceptions of Classmates Who Treat ADHD with Stimulant Medication

Barbara Singhakiat: To Conform or Dissent: The Effect of Threatening Self-Concept Clarity

Corinne Smith: College Students' Narratives of Sex and Sexuality

Elizabeth P. Starr: Exploring the Relationship Between Self-Distancing and Trauma

Djinnie Timoleon: The Relationship between Stress Reactivity and 5-HTTLPR: The Moderating Roles of Self-Esteem and Need to Belong

Abigail H. Toribio: How Anticipating Moral Reproach Affects College Students’ Willingness to Self-Disclose

Becka L. Vacarelo: Does Instagram Harm Women’s Health? Dieting and Modern Media Exposure

Annali Vernon: Hiring Bias: Mechanisms and Tips for Prevention