John C. O'Neal

John C. O'Neal is a Professor of French.
His area of specialty: 18th century French Literature and thought.

Selected Publications

Author: The Progressive Poetics of Confusion in the French Enlightenment
(University of Delaware Press, 2011)
Editor: The Nature of Rousseau's Rêveries:  Physical, Human, Aesthetic 
(Oxford:  Voltaire Foundation, 2008).

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Editor: Approaches to Teaching Rousseau's Confessions and Reveries of the Solitary Walker
(New York: Modern Language Association, 2003)

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Author: Changing Minds: The Shifting Perception of Culture in Eighteenth-Century France
(University of Delaware Press, 2002.)

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Author: The Authority of Experience: Sensationist Theory in the French Enlightenment
(The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996)
Author: Seeing and Observing: Rousseau's Rhetoric of Perception
(Stanford French and Italian Studies, 1985)
Editor: "Literature and Perception." Special Number of L'Esprit Créateur 24, No. 2 (1984).

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