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Sandbox /ˈsan(d)ˌbäks/, n.

1. A shallow box or hollow in the ground partly filled with sand;

2. An opportunity for people to connect, discuss ideas, teach, learn, share, explore, and create. 

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Upcoming Sandboxes

    Qualitative Research using NVivo 9

    12:00pm in Taylor Science Center 1004

    Hosts: Gordon Hewitt, Assistant Dean of Faculty for Institutional Research, and Elizabeth Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

    • Are you a qualitative researcher?
    • Are you looking for new approaches and powerful tools for analyzing your data?
    • Are you interested in developing connections with qualitative researchers who work in departments other than yours?

    If you said yes to any of these questions, please consider joining a conversation about Qualitative Research hosted by Gordon Hewitt and Elizabeth Lee! Gordon and Liz will share their experiences using NVivo 9, a powerful Qualitative Analysis package, to facilitate their research and discuss with attendees how the tool can be used for their own research.

    Through this conversation and an ITS-hosted workshop before the Fall semester, we hope to create a support network for those who are using or are interested in using Nvivo. Learn More...