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Understanding Digital Privacy

Theme: Web
Host: Ted Fondak


Sadove Sun Porch

Science Center Auditorium


You have probably heard of Google's recently implemented, comprehensive privacy policy. Google claims the new policy is an effort to combine many different privacy policies for its various services into one streamlined policy that will enable users to better understand how personal information is being collected, stored, and used. But Google's new policy also permits the company to combine personal information across their services, unifying YouTube, Search, and Google+ data to provide a better picture of your Digital Persona and to create new functionality for their users. The effects of this combination are as yet unknown, but the potential for abuse has alarmed individuals, groups, and governments.

Google's effort is just one of many to shape the future of online privacy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your cell phone company, your internet service provider, governments, and many other entities have a stake in defining this future and use your personal information to varying degrees and for various ends. So whether you are a casual web surfer,  an inveterate digital native, or anything in between, developments in this area affect us all.  

How can we educate ourselves about this important issue? What can be done to identify and protect our digital personal information? How can we help shape the future of online privacy? All of these questions will be tackled in this Sandbox!

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