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Guidelines for Reviewers

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Early submission is welcome! Here are the guidelines as approved by the editors at SEEJ:

1. Word limit for standard book reviews is 1000 WORDS (approx. 4 pages double-spaced). Reviews of collections of articles may take up to 1200 words. Please save time and trouble by shortening your review before you submit it.

2. Please submit your review via E-MAIL (as an attachment or pasted into the message text) to If you do not have access to e-mail, please contact me directly at 315-859-4779.

3. Quote the work under review in the text of your review as follows: "a great read" (35).

4. References to other works should give title, year, and publishing house; do not use footnotes.

5. To start your review, give a full bibliographic description of the book under review, e.g.: Ivan Blowmnosoff, ed. Collective Farms, Collective Allergies. Studies of the Rushing Institute, Vol. 97. Cincinnati: Remainder Publishing, 2003. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. xviii + 534 pp. $59.95 (cloth); $19.95 (paper). Make sure that ALL necessary bibliographical information is supplied and that all elements are correct. Check Books in Print on books published in the U. S. or call your local Reference Desk.

6. Transliteration systems: To minimize errors at the printer's , please use Library of Congress transliteration wherever possible for languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet, and adhere to common spelling of names that are well known in the west (e.g., Pushkin, Gorky, Tolstaya). You can find a complete list of transliteration systems in any issue of SEEJ.

7. Give your name and affiliation in italics at the end of the review.

8. To publish in SEEJ, you must be a current member of AATSEEL. See the inside back cover of the Journal for membership and subscription information,9. Like most journals, SEEJ must expect authors to prepare final manuscripts (that go to the printer) with great care and give us a version that is literally "final." The cost of making any "avoidable" changes after a manuscript has gone to the printer must be passed on to an author. On first proofs, we are charged $1.25 per correction point (i.e. if you change ten words at the same point, they are charged as one change); on second proofs, we are charged $2.25 each. Errors over which an author has no control (e.g., printer's error, an editor's slip, or discovery of an error in a source you used after the manuscript was completed) will, of course, be corrected without charge to the author. We ask that you respect the effort that went into the book under review by striving to be objective in your evaluation. The goal of a review is primarily informative, focusing mainly on the contributions of the given work. State as clearly as possible its argument, methodology, strengths and weaknesses, and identify the readership which might find it of value. The Book Review Editor reserves the right to copy-edit all reviews. If any but minor editorial changes are made in a review, the reviewer will be given the opportunity to reexamine the edited version before it is typeset. You will be asked to proofread the typeset version of your review before it goes to press. The ultimate decision as to whether to publish a given review belongs to the Editor-in-Chief.