Guirlandes, by Samuel Pellman


a composition of digital sounds
in two channels

duration - 3'13" 

Here is a 28 second audio clip from the middle of the piece: mp3 File (448K)


Guirlandes ("Garlands") is closely based on the motivic and harmonic patterns of a piano work of the same name composed in 1914 by Alexander Scriabin (Opus 73, No. 1). Here, however, the music is scored primarily for the sounds of mallet instruments and consists of masses of very rapid tremolos. These masses are then reshaped in a variety of ways, including multiple delays and granulation. Like the particles in planetary rings, these grains and masses of tones weave through the space of the music while shuffling in and out of audibility.


This piece was composed in the Studio for Contemporary Music at Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York. The sounds for Guirlandes were first generated on a Kurzweil K2500RS sampler equipped with the KDFX option. The sample instruments, based on ROM samples, were designed and built by the composer. Subsequent stages of processing in the piece were accomplished with SoundHack and with ProTools, including extensive use of the granular-to-go Pluggo plugin by cycling 74 and the Shuffling, Reson, and Delays plugins by GRM Tools.

Biographical information about the composer can be found here. 
Guirlandes  is published by the Continental Music Press.
copyright 2001 Samuel Pellman. All Rights Reserved. 

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