"Intermezzo" by Samuel Pellman


for two flutes

duration - app. 4 min.
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The Intermezzo for two flutes was composed in April of 1982, just as winter was receding from central New York and just prior to the mania that sets in as the school year draws to a close. Each April I am given to wistful reminiscences of my rustic youth as a shepherd of orphan lambs. Somehow on this occasion these woolly memories became manifest as rapid pentatonic lines, energetic tremolos, shimmering microtonal trills, and an occasional sliding pitch. The antiphonal relationship between the two flutes is also a significant element in establishing the playful character of the piece.
Biographical information about the composer can be found here.
The Intermezzo has been recorded by Martha Denney and Diane Massie on Redwood Records (ES-24). The audio clips on this page have been taken from this recording.
The Intermezzo is published by the Wesleyan Music Press.
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Biographical information about the composer can be found here.
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