Suite from "MacBeth," by Samuel Pellman

Suite from "MacBeth"

a composition of digital sounds
in two channels

duration - 7' 54"

Suite from "MacBeth"

I. Eye of newt 13 second audio clip: ( mp3 File, 252K)
II. Lament for renown and grace 10 second audio clip: ( WAV File, 882K) or ( mp3 File, 189K)
III. Midnight madness 53 second audio clip: ( mp3 File, 819K)
or 19 second audio clip: ( WAV File,1.5M) or ( mp3 File, 315K)
IV. Enter three murderers 30 second audio clip: ( mp3 File, 504K)


This suite of incidental music for "MacBeth" was composed in 1989. The first piece, "Eye of newt," was composed as the prelude to the famous scene of the three witches around a boiling cauldron. The "Lament for renown and grace," based on an equal-tempered scale with 19 tones per octave, was composed for the conclusion of the scene in which the murder of King Duncan is discovered.

Following a brief interlude. the third piece, "Midnight Madness," sets the scene for Lady MacBeth, walking and talking in her sleep and obsessively going through the motions of washing her hands ("Out, damned spot!"). The final piece of this suite accompanies the scene in which three murderers hired by MacBeth assassinate his comrade, Banquo.


This piece was composed in the Studio for Contemporary Music at Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York. The equipment used for the production of this music included a Yamaha DX-7 II-FD digital sound synthesizer, a Yamaha TX802 FM tone generator, an ensoniq EPS sound sampler, a digitech dsp-128 multi-effects processor, and a Macintosh computer running the Opcode Vision sequencer program.
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The Suite from "MacBeth" is published by the Continental Music Press.
copyright 1989 Samuel Pellman. All Rights Reserved.
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