Perijove, by Samuel Pellman


a composition of electroacoustic sounds
in two channels

duration - 8'19" 

Here is a 35 second audio clip from near the beginning of the piece: mp3 File (540K)

or a 36 second audio clip from the middle of the piece: mp3 File (555K)

or a 76 second audio clip from near the end of the piece: mp3 File (1183K)


Perijove  was composed in 2000 to commemorate the arrival at the planet Jupiter of the Galileo space probe on December 7, 1995. The sounds for this piece were generated on a Synton modular analog synthesizer controlled (via an Expressionist CV interface) by a MAX patch on a Macintosh computer. This MAX patch, among other things, algorithmically determined the pitches and rhythms of the many clouds of sounds in this piece by applying second-order Markov probabilities derived from brief MIDI files improvised by the composer. These clouds and other sounds were then digitally processed and overdubbed in Digidesign's Pro Tools.

Biographical information about the composer can be found here. 
Perijove  is published by the Continental Music Press.
copyright 2000 Samuel Pellman. All Rights Reserved. 

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