Warp 9, by Samuel Pellman

Warp 9

for 'cello octet and digitally-processed 'cello sounds

Program notes:

The Tarab Cello Ensemble boldly goes where no cello octet has gone before in its performances of Samuel Pellman's Warp 9. In this piece the live sounds of the eight cellos are accompanied by digitally manipulated clones of cello sounds previously recorded by Florent Renard-Payen, a founding member of the Tarab crew. These digital manifestations of cello sounds weave throughout the texture of the piece, like specters of sounds from other dimensions. A well-trained Tarab landing party presented the premiere performance of this piece in April 2004 in Wellin Hall at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, on Earth, a class M planet noted for its brutal politics and exquisite art forms.

[Program note information for the Warp 8 version: Warp 8 is the "saucer separation" version of Samuel Pellman's Warp 9 for cello octet. In this version, the members of the octet proceed under impulse power, unaccompanied by digital specters, and all attention is directed to the relentless rhythm of the interlocking string motives and the majestic quartal harmony formations.]

duration: approximately 6' 15"

Click here to hear a 34 second audio clip (mp3 file, 548 K) of a performance by the Tarab Cello Ensemble.
Click here to hear a 33 second audio clip (mp3 file, 528 K).
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