Kirkland Research Associates Program


Kirkland Project Research Associates Program:

The Kirkland Project seeks to build community by raising questions that emerge at the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality and ability. The Kirkland Project Research Associates Program is designed to support students who wish to make the connections between their own disciplinary or interdisciplinary work and the social justice mission of the Kirkland Project. Therefore, we especially solicit proposals that address the relationships between gender and other significant factors of analysis.

We welcome students working in each division (arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences), as well as from the interdisciplinary programs. Past projects have included art installations and activist endeavors, as well as research on a wide range of topics. We encourage students to apply in groups, and welcome work that would involve on-campus or community-based studies.

An Associateship lasts for one semester; students will have access to up to $500 for travel, research or artistic expenses. All Associates and mentors will meet regularly for a colloquium, to share and discuss their work. The semester's work culminates in a public presentation.

Contact Kirkland Project email if you have any questions and/or are interested in applying for an Associateship.

Past programs:

No program in Spring 2005.

Research Associates Program, Spring 2004:

For spring 2004, the topic for the research was "Student Cultures at Hamilton." Selected students met in a group and presented their research both at the Kirkland Project conference, March 6, 2004, and again at the end of the term. Students received research support up to $500.

Research Associates 2003 - 2004

Research Associates Program, Spring 2003:

Students applied for an independent study through the Registrar's Office. In addition, students applied to the Kirkland Project to be associates. Successful applicants received up to $500 for travel or materials required for their project. Final projects were presented to the community.

Research Associates 2002-2003

Research Associates Program through Spring 2002:

The Associateship lasted for one semester and carried a modest stipend ($500). Associates worked closely on a project with an individual faculty mentor of their choosing; all Associates and mentors met regularly for a colloquium, to share and discuss their work. Students presented their work to the community in a public presentation and submitted the project to the Assistant of the Kirkland Project (Couper 202). . An Associateship did not carry additional academic credit.

Research Associates 2001-2002

Research Associates 2000-2001

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