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-Message from Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, dated 2/11/05:

Hamilton College finds itself in the midst of a crisis that is deeply rooted in the institution’s history and set against a backdrop of increasing political and cultural tension. Much of the resulting media attack has been directed personally at me as Director of the Kirkland Project. This, in turn, has been destructive to the Project and to the educational mission of the College, in particular to its desire to create a more diverse and welcoming environment for all students. In the interests of the College and its community, therefore, I am stepping down as Director, effective immediately.

I am resigning under duress, for I would have preferred to stay on until I took my long awaited sabbatical; however, my strengths have been in the intrinsic work of the Project itself, and what the Project needs now is someone more adept at the kind of political and media fight that the current climate requires. Therefore, it is in the interests of the mission of the Project itself and of the College and for no other reason that I am yielding to requests that I resign.


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