The Virtual Battle of Borodino

This website allows you to be a part of the Battle of Borodino.
You can choose to follow either Napoleon or Kutuzov through the battle to see what happened.

This series of pages was developed for Professor Frank Sciaca of the Russian Studies Department
by Brett Nolan, Shawn Murphy, and Natasha Sopevia as their Senior Computer Science Seminar project.


Here is a sample screen from the battle, displaying what each part does:

Click Here To Enter The Battle

To Fully experience this website the following are recommended:
  • Set your display to 16 bit (thousands) color.
  • Make sure Java Script is enabled on your web browser.
  • Download and/or install the Quicktime Plug-In.
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    © 1996 Brett J. Nolan, Shawn Murphy and Natasha Sopevia