* BIO 102 General Biology: Cells to Ecosystems. An introduction to the life sciences with a focus on how structure promotes function at cellular, organismal, and ecosystem levels of organization. Texts: Biology by Raven, Johnson, Singer & Losos.

* BIO 115 Fundamentals and Frontiers. An introduction to the study of biology at the college level for students with a strong background in biology and chemistry. Intensive study of selected topics that illustrate the fundamental principles of, and new developments in the biological sciences with a particular emphasis on insects. Texts: Biology, Campbell & Reece. 7th ed. & The Insects: Structure and Function, Chapman, R.F. 4th ed

* BIO 336 Cell Biology. A study of eukaryotic organisms, with an emphasis on the interrelations of structure and function, cell cycle, protein trafficking and specialized activities of cells. Text: The Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al., 5th ed.

* BIO 357 Cellular Neurobiology. A study of the fundamental functions of eukaryotic cells. The interrelationships of cellular structure and function, the cell cycle, protein trafficking and cellular communication will be examined through the study of neurons, the basic unit of the nervous system. Additional topics will include specialized activities of neurons. Text: The Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al., 5th ed.

* BIO 500 Senior Thesis. An intensive library and laboratory or field research project carried out in association with a faculty member. Students in my laboratory have pursued many topics related to my research interests in comparative neurobiology. Please see my research and student web pages for more details regarding thesis topics.



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