Thesis Research

* Senior Thesis Research 2003 - 2004

Biology Concentrators

Carolyn Biggar

Pancreatic Islet Organization in Vertebrates with a focus on beta, alpha, delta and PP cells.

Advisor: Gapp

Christine Campbell

The role of apoptosis in the remodeling of the thyroid rudiment

Advisor: Garrett

Michael Galante

Biodiversity of Class Scaphopoda: A test of ecological hypotheses

Advisor: Reynolds

Charlotte Hodde

The Rome Sand Plains: A study in ecological conservation and species introduction

Advisor: Pfitsch

Krista Marran

A case study of Rome and Albany Lupinus perennis: Evidence of phenotypic plasticity and enhancement of plant performance through lupine-rhizobial interactions?

Advisor: Pfitsch

Sarah McNeil

The role of Rhizobium in the expansion of Lupine in the Rome Sand Plains, New York

Advisor: Gapp

Carlos Mercedes

The effects on nitric acid on tyramine b-hydroxylase activity in Manduca sexta

Advisor: Lehman

Elizabeth Ransom

An investigation of the possible role of apoptosis in early thyroid morphogenesis in chick embryos

Advisor: Williams

Flor Salazar

Alteration of gastrin levels in the thyroxine-induced metamorphosing tadpole quantified via radioimmunoassay and immunocytochemistry.

Advisor: Garrett

Alexa Siddon

Alpha-fetoprotein and the regulation of human endodthelin-1 and VEGF reduction in breast cancer cell lines MCF-7, T47D, and MDA-MB-231

Advisor: Miller