Professor Sue Ann Miller

Education Publications and Presentations

Miller, S.A. 2013 Teaching anatomy to students in a non-professional undergraduate program - Anatomy in undergraduate courses can be better than a memorization marathon: Adding value to dissection (requested chapter in preparation)

Miller, S.A. 2013 Designing effective student presentation assignments that include thoughtful peer evaluation. FASEB Journal 27:957.7

Miller, S.A. 2012 Application tip: Effective recommendations supplement an application. GIAR Newsletter - August 2012 on society web site (most recently accessed 25 January 2013)

Miller, S.A. 2010 Integrative anatomy courses serve undergraduate and preclinical anatomy curricula. Anatomical Sciences Education 3:105-106. Letter to the Editor  Published online: 22 February 2010

Miller, S.A. 2010 Exercises to encourage analytical skills and enrich understanding in a pre-baccalaureate anatomy course.  FASEB Journal 24:827.10

Miller, S.A., W. Perrotti, D.U. Silverthorn, A.F. Dalley and K.E. Rarey 2002 From college to clinic: Reasoning over memorization is key for understanding anatomy. The Anatomical Record. The New Anatomist 269: 69-80. Published online: 15 Apr 2002

Miller, S.A 2002 Connecting undergraduate students with what is important for a career in medicine. FASEB Journal 16(4): A352 #251.1

Miller, S.A 2002 Constructive inclusion of developmental anatomy in an undergraduate course teaches mental imaging skills. FASEB Journal 16(5): A731-A732 #528.5

Miller, S.A. 2001 Teaching how to think like an anatomist: Understanding and skills for continued study. FASEB Journal 15:A374.

Miller, S.A. 1999 Function might follow if the form supports it! FASEB Journal 13: A1031.

Miller, S.A. 1975 The need for an ecological ethic. IN: The Environment: Some Viewpoints, Book I. Environmental Resource Papers. Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, Addison-Wesley.

Oldham, J.C., H.M. Smith and S.A. Miller 1970 A Laboratory Perspectus of Snake Anatomy. Stipes Pub. Co., Ill. 98 pp. (I was also the illustrator)

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