Professor Sue Ann Miller

Selected Research Publications

*undergraduate collaborators

Miller, S.A., M. Adornato*, A. Briglin*, M. Cavanaugh*, T. Christian*, K. Jewett*, C.Michaelson*, T. Monoson*, F. Price, J. Tignor*, and D.Tyrell* 1999 Domains of differential cell proliferation suggest hinged folding in avian gut endoderm. Developmental Dynamics 216:398-410.

Miller, S.A and S. Olejniczak* 1998 Asymmetric endoderm proliferation correlates with morphogenesis of early murine embryos. American Zoologist 38:48a

Roberts*, D.S. and S.A. Miller 1998 Apoptosis in cavitation of middle ear space. Anatomical Record 251:286-289.

Miller, S.A. and R.D. White* 1998 Right-left asymmetry of cell proliferation predominates in mouse embryos undergoing clockwise axial rotation. Anatomical Record 250:103-108.

Miller, S.A., C. Clark*, R. Cooney*, E. Crary*, and W. Payzant * 1998 Apoptosis fenestrates chick cloacal membrane and occluded rectal cord and may have a minor role in removal of pharyngeal membranes. IN: Morphogenesis: Cellular Interactions. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Vol. 857 pp. 268-271.

Miller, S.A. and A. Briglin* 1996 Apoptosis removes chick embryo tail gut and remnant of the primitive streak. Developmental Dynamics 206:212-218.

Miller, S.A., K.L. Bresee*, C.L. Michaelson* and D.A. Tyrell* 1994 Domains of differential cell proliferation and formation of amnion folds in chick embryo ectoderm. Anatomical Record 238: 225-236.

Miller, S.A., A.M. Favale* and S.J. Knohl* 1993 Role for differential cell proliferation in perforation and rupture of chick pharyngeal closing plates. Anatomical Record 237: 408-414.

Miller, S.A. and C.W. Olcott * 1989 Cell proliferation in chick oral membrane lags behind that of adjacent epithelia at the time of rupture. Anatomical Record 223: 204-208.

Miller, S.A. 1982 Differential proliferation in morphogenesis of lateral body folds. J. Experimental Zoology 221: 205-211.

Miller, S.A. and M.N. Runner 1978 Tissue specificity for incorporation of 3H-thymidine by the 10- to 12-somite mouse embryo: alteration by acute exposure to hydroxyurea. J. Embryology Experimental Morphology 44:181-189.

Miller, S.A. and M.N. Runner 1975 Differential permeability of murine visceral yolk sac to thymidine and to hydroxyurea. Developmental Biology 45:74-80.

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