Personal Information



Postdoc: Princeton University, 2000-2006

Ph.D.: SUNY at Buffalo, 2000

M.Sc.: SUNY at Buffalo, 1999

B.Sc.: National Taiwan University, 1994




Research Interests:

* Evolution and functions of transposons

* Chromosomal and gene regulation in hypotrichous ciliates

* Gene linkage and genome stability

* Global gene expression/regulation in a nuclear dualism system

* Evolution and origin of scrambled genes in ciliates

* Evolution of intron and non-coding DNA


Courses Taught:

* Seminars in Bioinformatics (BIO443)

* Biochemistry (BIO346/BIOCHM346)

* General Biology - Genetics and Evolution (BIO101)

* General Biology - Cellular and Molecular (BIO111)

* Summer workshop - Perl in Bioinformatics (2007)