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Chief Editors: James Huang, De Bao Xu

(Harvard University) (Hamilton College)

Introduction to the Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series

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A Preface to the Series (Chinese Characters)*

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Generative Phonology-Theory and Usage

Zhiming Bao, Jianguo Shi, De Bao Xu

Formal Semantics

Yan Jiang, Haihua Pan

Introduction to Syntax

Kuo-ming Song

Computational Linguistics

Fuliang Weng, Ye-Yi Wang

Studies on Language Acqusition

Hong Gang Jin

A Short History of Linguistics

De Bao Xu, Mingliang Hu, Jianming Feng

Current Trends in Sociolinguistics

Daming Xu, Hongyin Tao, Tianwei Xie

Fuzzy Semantics

Qiao Zhang

General Editors, Editorial Staff, and Publishers
Advisory Board
A Preface to the Series
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