De Bao Xu
Hamilton College

*This introduction was cited from Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 26.1, 1988


Under the chief editorship of James Huang and De Bao Xu since 1993, the Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series has been published by China Social Sciences Publishing House. The series contains eight monographs in different linguistic fields which are:

      Introduction to Syntax
      Generative Phonology--Theory and Usage 
      Formal Semantics 
      Current Trends in Sociolinguistics
      Studies on Language Acquisition
      History of Linguistics 
      Computational Linguistics 
      Fuzzy Semantics

Three guidelines in organizing the series are: (1) to comprehensively and systematically introduce the newly developed linguistic theories in the 80Õs and 90Õs (mainly in the US), (2) to illustrate the theories with the analyses of the Chinese languages whenever possible, and (3) to be suitable for a variety of readers ranging from undergraduate students, graduate students, linguistic teachers, to professional researchers.

The contributors (who consist of the editorial board of the series) are highly accomplished scholars in linguistics most of whom hold their Ph.D. degrees in the US and all of whom are experienced in teaching general and/or Chinese linguistics. The eight monographs contributed are based on the authors' studies in the relevant fields. The editorial board and the advisory editorial board also contributed a great deal in completing the series from commenting on drafts, making suggestions on specific sessions, to confirming the final versions. Special thanks should go to Professor Matthew Chen, Chin-Chuan Cheng, Feng-Sheng Hsueh, Audrey Li, James H-Y Tai, Ting-Chi Tang, Pang-Hsin Ting, Williams S-Y Wang, and Liejiong Xu for their support to the series, especially Professor Williams S-Y Wang, who kindly offered a space to help publicize this series in the Journal of Chinese Linguistics (see JCL 26.1, 1998).

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