Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Interdisciplinary thinking across the Humanities

Interdisciplinary Collaborations 2017-2018

The Card Catalog Project seeks to deepen and broaden the relationship between the students, faculty, and LITS at Hamilton by exploring the ways in which we gather, organize, protect, navigate, evaluate, and share information in the context of the liberal arts. From card catalogs and controlled vocabulary to Machine-Readable Cataloging and full text searching in Google, how do knowledge systems shape our perspectives and show us the world? The Card Catalog Project encourages us to understand how ancient, modern, and contemporary knowledge systems influence our perception of the world through a series of invited speakers and workshops. Lisa Trivedi (Professor of History) and Lisa Forest (Director of Research & Instructional Design) will collaborate on workshops and speakers to address these questions.

The Food Justice Project of Central New York: Issues of food justice are of local and national importance. Even as local and sustainable food becomes increasingly popular, large swaths of the population are left without access to these foods, isolated in so-called "food deserts." Hamilton is surrounded by farms, and our students have founded clubs devoted to Slow Food and fine dining. But ensuring community access to affordable, healthy food remains a logistical and ethical challenge. The Food Justice Project of Central New York seeks to bring together scholars and local farmers and activists–including one of our alumna, who has founded a nonprofit devoted to maintaining Utica’s community gardens–to discuss the theoretical and logistical challenges of creating a more equitable food system. Alex Plakias (Assistant Professor of Philosophy) and Julie Starr (Assistant Professor of Anthropology) will organize a number of events to address the question of food and access to it.


Humanities Salon, Library Edition

In collaboration with our colleagues in Burke Library, the Humanities Center is excited to announce a new series, the Humanities Salon, Library Edition, featuring informal talks by Hamilton faculty on books in Special Collections. For more information go to New Programs on this website.

Humanities Forum

The Humanities will also host talks by guest scholars, including Ann Carson, Jane Tylus (Professor of Italian, NYU), Jonathan Holloway (Edmund S. Morgan Professor of African American Studies, History, and American Studies, and Dean of Yale College), and David Nirenberg (Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor of Social Thought, Medieval History, Middle East Studies and Dean of the Social Sciences Division of the University of Chicago).

We will also host faculty talks, including Nhora Serrano (Literature & Creative Writing), Celeste Day Moore (History), Kyoko Omori (East Asian Languages and Literatures), Ashley Bohrer (Truax Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy). Be sure to keep an eye on Upcoming Events on this page.

Upcoming Events