Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Memory and Identity

Lecture Series for 2015-17

Our visitors for this series include:

Rhodessa Jones

Jill Lepore (David Woods Kemper ’41 Professor of American History, Harvard University)

Dominick LaCapra (Emeritus Professor of History and Comparative Literature, Cornell University)

Sarah Kay (NYU)

Melanie Hawthorne (Texas A & M University)

Rebecca (Becko) Copenhaver (Lewis and Clark College)

Keijiro Suga

Speakers from Hamilton College include:

Alex Plakias (Philosophy)

Maria Willstedt (Hispanic Studies)

Azriel (Azi) Grysman (Psychology)

Mark Cryer  (Theatre)

Peter Rabinowitz (Literature and Creative Writing)

Zhuoyi Wang (East Asian Languages and Literature)

Jane Springer (Literature and Creative Writing):  Reading of works (related to Memory and Identity)  Brown Bag

Martine Guyot-Bender (French)