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Quantum Gravity:

  • What is it? There are a variety of sources on web including John Baez's amusing intro to quantum gravity, a short blurb from the Max Planck Institute, and the Wikipedia online encyclopedia entry.
  • In the popular press there are a handful of articles on quantum gravity and loop quantum gravity (lQG). The January 2004 Scientific American had an article by Lee Smolin (the author of Three Roads to Quantum Gravity). James Glanz published a NYT profile on Abhay. In 1999 George Johnson of the NYT wrote a "dual profile" of Steve Giddings and Carlo Rovelli. Carlo himself wrote a piece on lQG published in Physics World. On the archives there is an english translation of an article by Rudiger Vaas on lQG published in Bild der Wissenschaft.
  • For more technical information on loop quantum gravity (lQG) try the following reviews: Abhay Ashtekar and Jerzy Lewandowski teamed up to write a status report. Some time ago Carlo Rovelli wrote a review of lQG in Living Reviews in Relativity. Now Carlo Rovelli and now have published books! Carlo's Quantum Gravity and Thomas's Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity. A version of Carlo's is online book! Thomas has a quite accessible set of lecture notes.
  • Here is a (somewhat dated) reading guide.

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