Asian Philosophy and Religion
Links to web sources on Asian philosophy and religion. Maintained by Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg.

Autumnal Sacrifice to Confucius
A website detailing the Autumnal Sacrifice to Confucius featuring video footage from a contemporary (1997) performance of this ritual.

Classical Chinese Historiography for Chinese History
A bibliography of pre-twentieth century Chinese history, compiled by Benjamin Elman

Wesleyan Neo-Confucian E-text Project
Chinese character versions of the Four Books and major writings by Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming, and Liang Qichao

Scripta Sinica
Links to complete e-text versions of the Thirteen Classics and Twenty-five Dynastic Histories in Chinese maintained by Academia Sinca, Taiwan. Chinese language software required.

National Palace Museum in Taiwan
Links to complete Chinese-language (traditional characters) e-text versions of the Thirteen Classics; pre-Qin philosophical writings; Huang Zongxi's anthologies of Song, Yuan, and Ming Confucianism (Song-Yuan xue'an, Ming ru xue'an); Tang poetry; Categorized Writings of Zhu Xi; comprehensive mirrors of Chinese history (Zizhi tongjian and Xu zizhi tongjian); Cao Xueqin's Dream of the Red Chamber; Twenty-five Dynastic Histories

China-related Links
Bryan W. Van Norden's collection of links related to China