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PHYS 450: Quantum Theory Seminar

Spring 2014

"... I’m a professional theoretical physicist and I would like to make a clean theory. And when I look at Quantum Mechanics I that it’s a dirty theory.” -J. Bell (in "The Ghost in the Atom" editied by Davies and Brown)

Instructor: Seth Major, smajor, 4919, G052
Office Hours: Primarily, but not exclusively, Friday afternoons
Seminar: Sundays 7-10 PM

John Townsend, A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics 2nd edition

Davies and Betts, Quantum Mechanics 2nd edition (optional)



  • A picture of the crew!

Class photo 2014

Course Info:

course syllabus (pdf)

Weekly Guides (pdf):



  • Lectures of a course in interpretations of quantum mechanics at Waterloo.
  • A review for the final.
  • Visualization of 3D scattering (uses CDF player) Thanks Kevin!
  • The informal Dirac Notation Intro
  • Spin Network Primer
  • For details on the unit conversion recipe see this link. For more on Gaussian units see this pdf from Robert littlejohn at Berkeley.
  • This is a link to the paper achive "arXiv" hosted at Cornell.
  • Here's the link to the EPR tale.
  • Follow this link to the Phys Rev website. By selecting the journal and typing in the volume and page number you can dowload the EPR paper, Phys Rev 47 (1935) 777.
  • Here's a review sheet outlining many of the topics we will discuss this semester.
  • Hydrogen wavefunctions! See ``Atom in a Box''. Or this very nice orbital visualization tool.


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