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PHYS 480: Electrodynamics

glenlair gif Interference by soap film

Fall 2018

"I have also a paper afloat, with a electromagnetic theory of light which, till I am convinced of the contrary, I hold to be great guns." - James Clerk Maxwell (1864)

Instructor: Seth Major, smajor, 4919, G052
Office Hours: Just drop by
Classes: Wed-Fri 1:00-2:15 Science Center Phys Seminar Room

David Griffiths , An Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4th edition



  • Nice work on the final! Have a great break!


Course Info:

course syllabus (pdf)

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  • The data for the solenoid is here (an excel spreadsheet)
  • The photo on the upper right showing a green field is one I took of Maxwell's old home Glenlair House, which is in private hands and in ruins.
  • More on Maxwell from wikipedia.


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