As the Gathering Hymn is played in the background, the feast is cleared and the spirits are informed of its removal. Upon the removal of the feast, the spirits are escorted out of the temple in a similar manner to their entrance.

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Gathering Hymn

The first master said
After offered sacrifice one receives the blessed meat
At the schools within the four seas,
Who would dare not reverently receive it?
The rite is done and the spirit informed of the feast's removal
No one is careless, no one is crass
What the music has produced,
Therein lies our simple fare
Towering mountains,
Flowing Zhu and Si rivers;
Our journey through the Sages noble terrain ends now
But the beneficence flows onward without end.
Now, having enacted the sacrificial services,
The services are luminous and bright.
Transformed are our people,
Nurtured are our schools.

Concluding the Ritual

Escorting the spirits out of the temple

The Gathering Hymn sums up the purpose and actions of the ritual that has just taken place. In this final hymn, several points are emphasized, including the importance of sincerity in performing rituals. No one is careless, no one is crass suggests that everyone must be wholly devoted and invested in the ritual to ensure its efficacy. Because the rite has been enacted properly with the appropriate respect, demeanor, and sincerity, the spirits must reverently receive the offerings. Furthermore, the role of music is once again discussed--the music, as a form of ordering, has produced the simple fare and offerings. Though the “journal through the Sage's noble terrain“ has concluded, the effects of the sacrifice continue. By properly conducting this sacrifice, they have gained the good favor of Kongzi and his disciples, fellow sages, and worthies, who will all provide for the people in the coming times. As the “teacher of ten thousand generations”, Kongzi and the other recipients of this sacrifice will nurture the schools and provide peace and prosperity to the people. After the feast is cleared, the spirits are escorted out of the temple with Kongzi leading the way.

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