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Hamilton College, Clinton, NY will be host to a new conference forum this summer on Music and Technology in the Liberal Arts Environment. The discussions will take place over the course of two days, June 21-22, 2004, with topics covering many of the issues liberal arts educators face on a regular basis: digital audio, enhancing Course Management Systems for music study, music technology labs, intellectual property rights, and more. Distinguished speakers will be on hand to fuel discussion and introduce participants to the many technological possibilities available to us.

The conference coordinators feel a diverse attendance that includes faculty, librarians and technologists would result in a fruitful exchange of needs and ideas– an opportunity that is not always available within an individual institution. We hope to promote collaborative relationships and new perspectives on how each of these groups can contribute to music-technological projects at both an inter- and intra-institutional level. Please follow the links to left for information about the conference, including Conference Goals, and the Program.

The conference is primarily intended to serve the faculty, librarians, and technologists from the CET MANE member schools. Those from other regional NITLE centers are also encouraged to apply, though admission will be granted only after all MANE applications have been received and there are a sufficient number of seats remaining. We anticipate an enrollment limit of 40, allowing up to 2 per institution. Lodging, travel, breakfast, lunch, and registration costs will be waived for the attendees. The conference application form may be reached via the link to the left. The deadline for registration is May 1, 2004. Please contact one of the conference coordinators with any questions you may have.