I currently teach two Biology classes at Hamilton, both of which count toward an Environmental Studies major:

(1) Ecology (BIO 237)

Course overview: Study of the  relationships among living organisms and their physical environment, population growth and regulation, behavioral ecology, interspecific interactions, community structure and function, and biogeography. Prerequisite, 101 and 102, or 115, or consent of instructor. Three hours of class and three hours of laboratory or field exercises. 

 Ecology class at Fiddler's Green

(2) Global Change Ecology (BIO 451)

Course overview:  Study of the ecological, physiological, behavioral, and evolutionary responses of organisms to environmental change. Current research on global climate change, changing species distributions, extinctions and invasions, emerging infectious diseases, urbanization, pollution, and mitigation potential will be explored. Discussion of readings from the literature. Prerequisites, 237 or consent of instructor.

Above: Students in the Global Change Class '15 constructed a Green Wall as a class conservation project.