Odd ditties...

Here's a nice tune that struck me a while back: Hazy Daze, (Standard MIDI File).
(copyright 1997 by the Continental Music Press)
Here's a nice, friendly tune: Polka Friend We Have in Jesus, (Standard MIDI File).
(copyright 2001by the Continental Music Press)
Here's the alma mater of the college where I teach: Carissima, (Standard MIDI File).
I think it sounds rather nice with this harmonization.
(copyright 1996 by Samuel Pellman)

Here's how it sounded to me the night a piano dropped out of the sky and grazed the back of my head:

The Charissimatic Rag, (Standard MIDI File).
(copyright 1996 by Samuel Pellman)

Click here to hear even more amazing arrangements of this beloved tune!

Here's a little dab of political art: Fer Ed Meese, (Standard MIDI File).
I dedicate it to former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese.
(copyright 1997 by Samuel Pellman)
Now, here's one of my favorites: Take the Fifth, (Standard MIDI File).
(copyright 1982 by Edition Delusive Phantom)
So, you say it's your Birdday? Well Harpy Birdday to ya! (Standard MIDI File).
(copyright 1997 by Samuel Pellman)

Coming in December!

Mutant Merry Melodies

seasonal music you might want to hear maybe twice!

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