2013 B.A. Thesis Exhibition
Wellin Museum of Art

May 9 - May 25, 2013
Thursday, May 9, 4-6pm

Wellin Museum (Map)

2013 Senior Art Thesis

Alexandra Rimmer

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Every person comes in different shapes and sizes. We define our body in relation to others, but we govern how we appear on the surface.  On the inside it is different. We are all made up of the same parts; we have bones, muscles, ligaments, organs, and blood.  These allow us to function, whether it is for everyday activities or athletics.

My love of soccer and my desire to become a physical therapist have shaped my senior project experience.  Rather than following the strict anatomy throughout the body, I have engaged in an exploration of the formal qualities of lines and shapes below the surface.  The muscles are no longer drawn to scale or are represented accurately.  The small shaky, but definite lines come together to create structure and solidarity. This piece is created solely based of my imagination, with each part coming together as I put my paintbrush or permanent marker to the fabric.  This piece has been created to express movement and attempt to portray the mechanics of the human body.  Performances are based off everyday situations, where we take the wonderful structure of the body for granted.


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