Links to Other Websites on Confucianism and Chinese Religion

Asian Philosophy and Religion
Links to web sources on Asian philosophy and religion. Maintained by Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg.

Classical Chinese Historiography for Chinese History
A bibliography of pre-twentieth century Chinese history, compiled by Benjamin Alman

Wesleyan Neo-Confucian E-text Project
Chinese character versions of the Four Books and major writings by Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming, and Liang Qichao

Scripta Sinica
Links to complete e-text versions of the Thirteen Classics and Twenty-five Dynastic Histories in Chinese maintained by Academia Sinca, Taiwan. Chinese language software required.

National Palace Museum in Taiwan
Links to complete Chinese-language (traditional characters) e-text versions of the Thirteen Classics; pre-Qin philosophical writings; Huang Zongxi's anthologies of Song, Yuan, and Ming Confucianism (Song-Yuan xue'an, Ming ru xue'an); Tang poetry; Categorized Writings of Zhu Xi; comprehensive mirrors of Chinese history (Zizhi tongjian and Xu zizhi tongjian); Cao Xueqin's Dream of the Red Chamber; Twenty-five Dynastic Histories

China-related Links
Bryan W. Van Norden's collection of links related to China