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We have no positions available at this time.



There is no prescribed format for the statement of teaching interests.  However, some of the topics that could be addressed that the search committee would find helpful include:

  • motivation for teaching at a liberal arts college and the relationship between research and teaching and your general approach to teaching undergraduates in the classroom and laboratory
  • ways in which you would further the College's goal of building a diverse educational environment
  • intended learning outcomes and strategies for student assessment in lecture and lab courses
  • courses within our existing curriculum that you would be interested in teaching and courses you would be interested in teaching that would augment the existing curriculum
  • innovative or unusual ideas or methods for lecture or laboratory teaching

Likewise, there is no standard format for a statement of research interests.  Submission of standard research proposals is fine but keep in mind that at a small liberal arts college, the search committee usually includes most or all members of a department so your proposals will be read by faculty outside of your particular field of chemistry.  It is often helpful to submit short (one to two page) summaries of your proposals for a general chemistry audience, in addition to full, detailed proposals.  Along with your technical proposal you may also want to address:

  • how the broader ideas of your research program extend beyond your specific proposals and fit into the context of the work in that field today
  • the roles that undergraduate researchers, at both the senior and lower levels, would play in your projects both during the summer and throughout the academic year in the Senior Project
  • details of any specific instrumentation, equipment, and space needs that will be critical to the success of your research program