Research and Internship Fund Opportunities

William M. Bristol Fellowship

Created for Hamilton College students to "encourage discovery of self and the world, a greater appreciation and understanding of people and culture, and to enable individuals to act on great ideas through independent study projects rather than formal academic pursuit." Projects should be based on strong personal interest and commitment; they should be imaginative and thoughtful; they should be feasible; they should exhibit a spirit of inquisitiveness and a seriousness of purpose. Candidates will not be solely judged on academic record, but rather on the spirit of inquisitiveness and potential.

Max Hernandez-Zapata ‘19, “Preservation or Revival: Exploring Contemporary Analog Photography.”  

Mattie Theobald '14 “Artists’ Statements: Arts Education at the Intersection of Policy and Culture” in Australia, the Netherlands, Philippines, India and Namibia. You can also read about her fellowship on her blog.

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

National fellowship to engage in one year of self-designed independent study and travel abroad. Proposed project should involve investigation into an area of demonstrated concern and personal interest, it should be creative, feasible, interactive, and personally significant -- critical elements are commitment, quality of project, and match of project to the individual, feasibility, and the ability to work and travel independently. It should not be a repeat of earlier experiences, although it may build upon them. The project may not include formal study in a foreign institution. Student's academic record is considered together with those cocurricular activities that reflect both initiative and a commitment to the stated area of interest.

Paula Ortiz '18 "Performing Awareness: Active Meditation Across Disciplines of Impermanence".

Austin Thomas '09 "Earth Architecture: The Keystone to Reducing our Environmental Footprint".

Senior Project Research Support

Students engage in a year-long capstone experience for their senior project in Art. Students can apply for financial support, applications are invited through the Dean’s office during the semester.

The Steven Daniel Smallen Memorial Fund for Student Creativity, established by Ann and David Smallen in memory of their son, Steven, encourages student creativity by providing funds for projects displaying some, or all, of the characteristics of originality, expressiveness and imagination.

The Casstevens Family Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Casstevens, parents of Martin Casstevens, Class of 1980 and Michael Casstevens, Class of 1991, to support students working on special research projects.

The Academic Fund for Seniors supports students in the completion of their senior projects. Expenses for materials, travel, attendance at conferences, and similar items can be supported by these funds.

Summer Internship Funds

Many students choose to engage in summer internships. While many are minimally paid or unpaid, the College offers funds that students may apply to. The Career Center has more information for students wishing to apply.

The Kevin W. Kennedy ’70 Internship Fund provides individual internship stipends to help support internships in the visual or performing arts, including the studio arts.

         You can read about Lesley Klose '15 and her internship at Red Dirt Studios in the summer of 2014.

         Grace Lee '13 spent the summer of 2012 interning at Performance Space 122 in New York City.

         You can read about Sarah Perdomo '12 and her internship at the Art Center of South Florida in the summer of 2010.

Emerson Summer Collaborative Research Awards

Student/Faculty teams are invited to apply for summer stipends under the Emerson Foundation Scholars Program and associated funds. The Art Department has completed a number of Emerson’s in recent years.

Emily Le '22
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
Where I Came From: Unveiling the changes in Vietnamese culture, then and now

Satchel McLaughlin '22
Advisor: William Salzillo, the Kevin W. Kennedy Professor of Art
Diversification of Vermont Family Farms

Madeline Justiniano '21
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
The Body as a Vessel of Memory

Elias Griffin '20
Advisor: Rebecca Murtaugh, John and Anne Fischer Professor in the Fine Arts
Exploration of Upstate NY through Ceramics

Emma Fighera '20
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
Sublime Verisimilitude: The Thin Line of Artifice

Emma Fighera '20
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
Visual Ambrosia: Verity and the Contemporary Photographic Landscape

Rachel Cooley '18
Advisor:  Professor of Art Ella Gant
Touching Mortality through Animation

Eizabeth Spangenthal '18
Advisor:  Professor of Art Katharine Kuharic
Infinity in a Finite Space: Visual Representations of Cantor’s Theorem

Marisabel Rey '19
Advisor:  Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
Approaching the Unsystematic: Studying the Glazing Process in Ceramics to Replication Patterns in Nature

Eizabeth Lvov '17
Advisor:  Professor of Art Ella Gant
A Summer's Study:Women Artists and the Internet

Lily Johnston '16
Advisor: Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
The Exploration of Color: Theory and Intuition meets Pigment Acquisition and Experimentation in the Studio

Yang Yang '15
Advisor: Professor of Art Ella Gant
A Tale of Three Cities, Setchbook Art Project

Katherine Bickmore '15
Advisor: Professor of Art Katharine Kuharic
The Degeneration, Deterioration, and Decay of Society: A Critique of the Representation of the Femme Fatale in Art

Deanna Perez '14
Advisor: Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
The Life of a Book: From the Bindery to the Pedestal

Sean Smith '15
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
Art Is...: Re-examining Black Art in America

Danielle Lashley '13
Advisor: Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
Domestic Spaces in Uncommon Spaces: The Role of Body and Space in Contemporary Art

Erin Shapiro '08
Advisor: Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
Outside/Inside: A Sculptural Exploration of Natural Elements

Katharine Steigerwald '07
Advisor: Professor of Art Bill Salzillo
Classical Ballet and the Figure, A Study in Painting

Sarah Felder  '07
Advisor: Professor of Art Ella Gant
Documenting a Disappearing Culture: The Small Farming Community in Oneida County

Levitt Research Group Grants

Student/Faculty teams are invited to apply for summer stipends under the Levitt Student-Faculty Group Research Program.

Shannon Boley '17, Sawyer Konys '16, and Jasmin Thomas '15
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight and Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies Bent Plate
Transitional Religious Spaces

Alison Ritacco '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Robert Knight
Religious Spaces in Transition