Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Interdisciplinary thinking across the Humanities

The Humanities Center sponsored interdisciplinary collaborations projects, 2019-2020:

Environmental Futures and Feminist Queer Utopias (Spring 2020)

Faculty principal investigators: Stina Soderling (Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies) and Priya Chandrasekaran (Visiting Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies)

This collaboration draws on interdisciplinary humanities to think through social and ecological relations and how to create livable futures. In this moment of environmental crisis, how can humanistic pursuits and the act of teaching itself help us understand what is possible and expand our visions for the future? The program includes a public lecture series, films, and an end-of-semester event for two classes: "Environmental Futures” and “Feminist and Queer Utopian Thinking and Practice." 

Humanities Salon, Library Edition

In collaboration with our colleagues in Burke Library, the Humanities Center is excited to announce a new series, the Humanities Salon, Library Edition, featuring informal talks by Hamilton faculty on books in Special Collections. For more information go to New Programs on this website.

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