Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Highlighting the Humanities

Lecture Series for 2013-2015

Our visitors for this series include:

Mary Foskett, Director of the Wake Forest Humanities Center
Gregg Lambert, Director of CNY Humanities Corridor
Michael Bérubé, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Literature and Director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Penn State University
Srinivas Aravamudan, Dean of the Humanities and Professor of English and the Program in Literature, Duke University
Daniel Mendelsohn, Author, Essayist, Critic, Translator, Charles Ranlett Flint Professor of Humanities at Bard College
Pauline Yu, President of the ACLS

Our in-house speakers include:

Heidi Ravven, Professor of Religious Studies
Carl Rubino, Winslow Professor of Classics
Doran Larson, Professor of English and Creative Writing
S. Brent Plate, Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Shelley Haley, Classics
Steve Goldberg, Art History
Nancy Rabinowitz, Comparative Literature
Abhishek Amar, Religious Studies