Weconday Murray

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Weconday Murray


All my work will be left untitled, I will not be titling my pieces because I strongly feel that when you give something a name, people take your word for it, which is okay for some things, but not my work, I don’t want to tell people what to see, I want them to look at it and find a meaning on their own.

A reflection of the mind,
The conscious connecting to the subconscious.
As I’ve grown I’ve become more aware of who I am and why I am the the way I am. In my Art work I’m trying to bring out my voice, to show what I am unable to capture in words.

There was this box
and when you were young you were able to fit in that box
it was big and full of wondrous space
so many marvelous things you were able to believe and create inside that box.
endless adventures
my imagination seem to have filled the entire box with everything that was joyous
but as I grew they took away my box and replaced it with a very tiny box
and they told me I need to fit in that tiny box.
as each year passed the boxes became smaller
replaced, replaced, replaced
fit, fit, fit,
they always say
now, I'm squeezed into this tiny box
that I share with everyone else
no room to breathe, move, or do anything
but fit like the rest
and every time I try to expand
they tell me
you need to
fit, fit, fit
like everyone else.
But I never will
nor can I