Kaily Williams

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Kaily Williams


I was adopted from China at age four. My thesis explores my identity through my Chinese heritage and American upbringing. This project embodies my character and passions instilled in me by eastern and western influences. I wanted to include my interests in fashion along with painting. We express our individuality and creativity through the clothes that we choose to buy and wear. I wanted to move beyond buying clothes and hoped to create my own vision that directly expresses my creativity. I have also always been inspired by traditional Chinese art, especially cloisonné, Chinese Porcelain and ink drawings.

The screens create an environment for the dresses. On the screens and dresses I use Chinese and American motifs to explore symbolic aspects of design. In this project I deal with design issues of: color schemes, shapes and motifs. I played with motifs to understand the differences between Eastern and Western concepts of design.

Thank you to the Casstevens Family Fund!