Noontime Lunch Talks

Join us for lunch and faculty presentations on their work in the all-night reading room of Burke Library.

Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Lydia Hammessley


Music in American Film: An Online Course for Hamilton Alumni

Prof. of Music Lydia Hamessley will discuss her experience of teaching an on-line course for Hamilton alumni.  The course, Music in American Film, was presented in nine one-hour class sessions in the Spring of 2013.  These classes were synchronous, and between 12-20 participants regularly attended. The course was delivered via Adobe Connect and included film clips shown during the class in addition to Hamessley's lecture and class discussion.  Participants had the capability of phoning in comments, communicating via a chat box, completing polls, and viewing notes provided by the instructor.  Hamessley will show excerpts of some of these class video recordings and discuss the challenges of presenting material to and communicating with distance learners in real time.

Friday, January 31, 2014