Noontime Lunch Talks

Join us for lunch and faculty presentations on their work in the all-night reading room of Burke Library.

Humanities Center Director: Thomas Wilson

Naomi Guttman

English and Creative Writing

A reading from Naomi Guttman’s novel in verse, The Banquet of Donny and Ari, and notes on the creative process

The Banquet of Donny and Ari: Scenes From the Opera is novella-in-verse about a marriage characterized by the struggle  between the Dionysian appreciation of wildness and the Apollonian desire for order and serenity.  The hedonistic, indulgent, and spontaneous Donny is mounting a 400th anniversary production of Monteverdi's opera "l'Orfeo." Meanwhile Ari, a textile artist, is creating a series of tapestries called "The Human Footprint Series" that reflect her personal grief as well as her despair about the future of life on earth.  A reading followed by a discussion of the creative process and a Q&A.

Friday, October 25, 2013