Neuroscience Senior Projects, 2011 - 2012

Danielle Abatemarco Sensory Motor Gating in the Prepubescent Rat: The Double-Hit Model of Schizophrenia
Caitlin Burzynski Long-Term Effects of Maternal Separation and NMDA Receptor Antagonism in Early Life: A Rat Model of Schizophrenia
Megan Calabrese The Development of Brain Networks for Processing Gestures and Observed Mouth Movements During Naturalistic Language Comprehension
Johanna Farkas Visualization of Neuropeptides and Neural Markers in Various Turtle and Diabetic Mouse Tissues
Emily Gaudet Changes in Brain Networks for Processing Co-Speech Gesture While Learning American Sign Language
Sarah Kane Brain Networks for Discourse Content, Mouth Movements, and Gestures During Language Comprehension
Peter Lauro BPA, Sea Squirts, and You: Proposing Ciona Intestinalis as a Bioindicator Species for Bisphenol-A Accumulation in Marine Environments
Lauren Liebman Effects of MK-801 Treatment and Maternal Isolation Early in Life on Novel Object Recognition in Rats
Julia Litzky Highways Through the Brain: Using Microfluidic Chips to Explore Brain Tumor Stem Cell Migration
Mary Meinke The Neural Interaction of Verbal and Nonverbal Cues in Empathy Perception
Emily Moulton The Challenge of Time Management: Working Memory, Temporal Judgments and Time-Management Abilities in College Students with ADHD Symptomatology
Caroline Pantazis Alterations in Sensorimotor Gating with Neonatal MK-801 Administration and Maternal Separation in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia
Katie Peterson Language Comprehension Networks for Proficient English-French Speakers as a Function of Immersion
Erica Seligson The Effects of Diet on the Neurobiology of Reading in Real-World Contexts
S. Kendall Todd Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder and Bipolar Disorder: Distinct, Comorbid, or One Disorder?
Ben Trachtman The Fly Pattern: D. melanogaster as a Model Organism for Traumatic Brain Injury
Hannah Weisman Effecs of Glutamate-Modulating Agents on Marble-Burying Behavior in Mice: Implications for the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Rebecca Williams The Effects of Buspirone and Nonreward on Frustration in Rats