2014 B.A. Thesis Exhibition
Wellin Museum of Art

May 8 - May 24, 2014
Thursday, May 8, 4 - 6 p.m.

Wellin Museum (Map)

Class of 2014 Senior Art Thesis

Benjamin Salzman

Existing in the Age of Big Data, 2014

Binary Sea/See/C, 2014

Contact Information:
Benjamin Salzman


’Twas the summer of ’13, Edward Snowden was in flight
The state was coming down on him with all its craven might.
Back in the homeland, patriotic, freedom-loving souls
Debate the merits of A. Weiner’s latest Twitter pose
(An epic act of self-surveillance, goodness only knows).
I ogle royal baby, scan lobby video feed
Modern life is all about looking and being seen.
July 24, 2013
— Charles Bernstein, “The Ides of July”

In the last few years more data has been produced than in all of human history. How and why humanity gathers, stores, and utilizes this data fascinates me. Personal information
is constantly being collected and it is often exposed or sold without consent. Issues of privacy and attacks on civil liberties have become a growing international concern. The followingpieces are intended to capture the zeitgeist of this age of digital surveillance. These interactive installations prompt the viewer to reflect on their privacy while also evoking feelings of fear, paranoia, wonder, and anticipation of what the future will hold.


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