Faculty FAQs

I submitted a proposal last year and would like to try again. Do I need to submit a new proposal?

Yes, please!  We received many excellent proposals in previous years and would be pleased to be able to consider them again.

Can I choose my own TA?

We prefer that our TAs be former Hamilton students now in graduate school.  But that may not be possible and we will work with instructors to ensure that any TAs will be acceptable to them.

Student FAQs

I'm not a philosophy major, but I love philosophy. Can I apply?

Absolutely!  There is no requirement that students in the program major in philosophy or plan to attend philosophy graduate school.  Still, many of the students in the program will be philosophy majors and be thinking about applying to graduate school.  As long as you are interested in spending time with us, you can apply.

I am not a Hamilton College student. Can I apply for the summer program?

Yes!  Our program is funded by a source which aims to improve the instruction of undergraduates at Hamilton, so we are required to try to fill half of our slots with Hamilton College students.  That leaves at least ten slots for students outside of Hamilton.

I participated in the summer program in a previous year. Am I eligible to participate again?

Yes.  Our courses and activities vary each year so students may attend more than once.

I'm going to graduate from college this year. Am I eligible to participate?

The program is designed mainly for rising juniors and seniors in college.  It's not impossible that we would admit some students who have already graduated, but it is unlikely.

I'm a first-year student now, so will be a rising sophomore this summer. Am I eligible to apply for the program?

The program is designed for rising juniors and seniors, but we certainly will consider rising sophomores and we have admitted rising sophomores in the past.  Feel free to apply. 

I am an international student. Can I still apply?

International students are welcome to apply, and their applications will be treated just as any others.  Unfortunately, international students who are not currently enrolled in a U.S. college need F-1 visas and Hamilton's visa program certification does not include a non-degree summer program like the HCSPiP.  So, we will not able to welcome students who do not already or independently have an F1 visa. 


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