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2018 Program

2018 HCSPiP

In Summer 2018, the Summer Program will offer three concurrent courses, June 25–July 6, 2018.

Juli Thorson, Professor of Philosophy at Ball State University, Indiana, will teach “Drawing Your Identity.”

Shoshana Brassfield, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Frostburg State University, Maryland, will teach “Democracy in Athens.”

Charles Rathkopf, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Iona College, New York, will teach “Mapping Moral Reasoning.”

All students in the program will participate fully in all three courses. Classes meet daily, Monday through Friday. In the evenings, three teaching assistants will hold office hours. The teaching assistants, all current graduate students in philosophy Ph.D. programs, will be excellent resources both for academic support for the courses and for support and networking for students thinking about continuing their philosophy students after college.

Amitpal Singh, Ph.D. student at University of Toronto, will TA for “Drawing Your Identity.”

Austin Heath, Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University, will TA for “Democracy in Athens.”

Mandy Long, Ph.D. student at University of Connecticut, will TA for “Mapping Moral Reasoning.”

In addition to coursework, the HCSPiP will provide a one-day Adirondack trip, on Saturday, June 30. We will celebrate July 4 together, too.

Students depart on Saturday, July 7. On Monday, July 9, Hamilton College will host a conference in pedagogy at which the three instructors of the courses will present their work to a broad audience. At the conference, instructors will share their experiences, what they tried and what they learned. Presenters will be encouraged to focus on general, transferable pedagogical skills so that the conference will be useful for instructors in a wide range of disciplines.

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