Research Opportunities

The Emerson Foundation Scholars Program: Summer Projects

• Melissa Yang 2014 
• Celia Yu 2012   
• Alexander Benkhart 2011 
• Irene Rivera 2010
• Erica Fultz 2007  
• Erica Fultz 2007 

“Usage of hai, ee, and un by L2 speakers of Japanese”
“Numerical acquisition in children”
“From Ancient to Animation: Discovering Japanese Heroines”
“Slight tongue: code-switching phenomena”
“Infinitives in English, German, and Spanish”
“Translating Japanese Literature: Tawada Yōko’s “Suramupoettorî” (slam poetry)”

Digital Humanities CLASS interns

• Sarah Bither, 2013, and Melissa Yang, 2014 “Benshi: Narrators/Commentators of Japanese Silent Film” project

Asian Studies Program Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Project

• Nayomi Reghay 2006, “The Housewife and the Office Lady: Re-Imagining the Japanese Woman in Contemporary Western Fiction”

Freeman Foundation Summer Asian Studies Research

• Erica Fultz 2007  “Adjectival Nominals:  A Matter of Case”