Senior Project

Theses supervised by Japanese faculty members:

  • Trang (Tracey) Le, 2014, Cruel Story of Youth: A Look at Isolated Youths of Japan through Film, Fall 2013
  • Juana Gonzalez, 2014, A Look into Ethnic Korean Identity in Japan: A Brief History of Japanese and Korean Events and Analysis of Zainichi Film GO, Fall 2013
  • James Kamihachi, 2013, Atomic War, Monsters, and Children, Spring 2012
  • Zachary Pintchik, 2012, Reclaiming Japan: Trauma and Narrative in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Spring 2012
  • Mercedes Ferrer, 2012, Struggle of the Self: In Search of the Feminine “Ideal” Through Anime in the 1990s, Spring 2012
  • Wendy Look, 2001, Japanese language speakers and their scope interactions, Spring 2011
  • Wai Yee Poon, 2011, Inscribing the Transgressive in Translation; Looking for Textual Resistances, Spring 2011
  • Adam Boles, 2011, Distorted Reflections: The Worlds of Modern Japanese Magical Realism, Spring 2011
  • Mark Reichenbach, 2008 Transfer hypothesis and universal quantifier in negation: Empirical testing of Japanese and Chinese L2 speakers, Spring 2008
  • Erica Fultz, 2008, Acknowledging the Foreign: An Argument Against Domestication in Translation Theory, Spring 2008
  • Gregory Gencarello, 2006, Reforming Written Language in the Modern Era: Imagining the Nation, Spring 2006
  • Aletha Asay, 2005, Atomic Bomb Literature as Activism: Narrative Responses to Individual And Cultural Trauma, AY2004
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