Traveling to Japan has been one of the best experiences I've had as a college student. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate things that I took for granted such as living in New York City and allowed me to become a more independent individual away from home. Furthermore, the Japanese food and culture are amazing! I still have fond memories of my study abroad experience in Japan: seeing children ages 2-6 clasping each other’s hands in a child sumo festival, relaxing in a natural onsen (hotspring) in Fukuoka, punching mochi with a wooden hammer in a large stone pot, occasionally sitting by a food stand outside with friends eating ramen, eating an 梅 flavored ice cream, and having fun at a restaurant in Sakae(栄)! It’s certainly not the same experience if you tried any of this anywhere else besides Japan. I often wish I could go back in time and do everything over again to make it 10x more awesome! I strongly recommend studying abroad in Japan wherever and whenever possible. ☺ 

By Wendy Look, 2011

All the Japanese professors truly dedicate themselves to teaching Japanese and also to learning about their students. They pride themselves in their students and will always be available inside and outside of the classroom to assist them, whether it is academic or personal. I have worked with Professor Kamiya on an Emerson research project and despite that having been finished 3 years ago, he has still kept in contact with me, supporting me and always hoping for my success. Japanese class is a fun and great way to learn about a culture so unique from what you know. The friends you make here and the professors you meet will be people who will support you as you learn.

By Celia Yu, 2013

The Japanese program at Hamilton focuses on actual, real-life social interactions that one encounters frequently when living in Japan.  Context is very important when speaking in Japanese, and the focus on practical application of the language has helped me tremendously since I have been working at a Japanese company for four years.  I highly recommend the courses to anyone with an interest in Japan or a desire to learn the language. 

By Mark Reichenbach, 2008


I studied Japanese language for four years at Hamilton College with Professors Kamiya and Omori.  My major was Creative Writing, and my minor was Japanese.  In my junior year, I studied abroad in Tokyo for six months, and I went back there after graduation.  I love my current job, as a writer and narrator for an NHK English radio program.  I’ve had so many wonderful experiences, and I am very thankful for the education that I had at Hamilton College.

By Karen Haedrich, 2006

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