2016 B.A. Thesis Exhibition
Wellin Museum of Art

May 5 - May 21, 2016
Thursday, May 5, 4 - 6 p.m.

Wellin Museum (Map)


Class of 2016 Senior Art Thesis

Carrie Rudd


Contact Information:
Carrie Rudd

Long and Twisted Roots, 2016
Long and Twisted Roots, 2016
Dear Grandpa, She Has Pimples on Her Butt She is Nice. Love, Carrie, 2016
Dear Grandpa, She Has Pimples on Her Butt She is Nice. Love, Carrie, 2016
Commands, 2016
Commands, 2016
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“You come from long and twisted roots,” said my mom. 

“You have long and twisted roots,” said my oral surgeon.


My paintings are sensory brews. Working at the intersection of figuration and abstraction, they are subjective representations of my objective experiences. I do not classify experiences hierarchically—any experience deserves a shot at its own afterlife. When I paint, I am reviving these experiences, drawing them back to the surface.

Some thoughts on the painting, Long and Twisted Roots: The anesthesia failed when the oral surgeon yanked out my wisdom teeth. I can still hear the sloshing and slurping as my cheeks were assaulted, I can still taste the blood when it spewed from a broken tooth, and I can still catch the reflection of my crippling anxiety in the silver blades. 

On Commands: painting is sensual, messy, and demanding. My experiences of sexual intimacy and of handling paint intermingle on this canvas. Fluids, filth, frustration, and celebration run amok, as there is nothing clean or simple about painting or sex.

On Dear Grandpa: here is my grandpa’s song. With a grin that could make the grumpiest girl swoon and with a devilish glimmer in his cerulean eyes, I can see and hear him playfully singing to me.

I thank the Academic Fund for Seniors, the Charles Root ’40 Fund, and the Art Department Fund for Seniors for all their generous support.