2016 B.A. Thesis Exhibition
Wellin Museum of Art

May 5 - May 21, 2016
Thursday, May 5, 4 - 6 p.m.

Wellin Museum (Map)


Class of 2016 Senior Art Thesis

Sarah Wallack


Contact Information:
Sarah Wallack

Mom, What is That, 2016
Mom, What is That, 2016
Did You Feel It, 2016
Did You Feel It, 2016
A Valtrex a Day, 2016
A Valtrex a Day, 2016
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My artwork is an exploration of my sexuality.


I accidentally discovered pornography while browsing the Internet at age

twelve. The initial shock and embarrassment I felt quickly evolved into curiosity. I

began to use pornography as a way to learn about sex. My familiarity with

pornography from an early age allowed me to speak openly about sex to my peers

and gave me confidence when I became sexually active later in my life.


Being curious and open about sex has always made me feel unique among my

peers. There is a stigma attached to women who are overtly curious about sex.

Therefore, I found it very difficult to fully express this part of my identity to my

family and to others whom I thought might be critical of me.


Over the past year, my artwork has allowed me to reconcile my feelings. Each

piece is a narrative that addresses various aspects of my sexuality. The colorful,

rounded forms, squiggly lines, and hanging balloons express my playful and

flirtatious character. I juxtapose these elements with phallic imagery and objects,

revealing the more erotic nature of my work.